S. P. Foundation (no label SPF001) 1973


For those who appreciate the charm of folk groups like Guitar Ensemble, S. P. Foundation is sure to connect on the same level.  Describing themselves as a “religious folk rock group” (a phrase proudly emblazoned on their church van), this two-girl two-guy West Virginia outfit plays with a wonderful jangly melodic homemade sound, one of the best I’ve heard.  Several memorable original songs, mostly written by the females, plus some covers like Jack Miffleton, Ray Repp and Robert Schaffer.  Fourteen selections in all, closing with a rendition of ‘If I Had A Hammer’.  Lovely harmonies backed by the sound of 12-string guitars, with drums and percussion provided by a young Reverend/Father.  Some neat electric backing on ‘I Live By Your Rule’ and ‘Life Can Be So Hard’.  Cool solid orange cover.  By the way S. P. stands for St. Paul.  Precious.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Freedom

02. Service

03. I Live By Your Rule

04. Love Is Real

05. Medley

06. Four Gifts

07. God Made The World

08. Sing People Of God, Sing

09. O Son Of Man

10. I Am The Resurrection

11. One With God

12. Up To Jerusalem

13. Life Can Be So Hard

14. If I Had A Hammer