My Song Is Love Unknown  (Genesis  10)  1977  UK *



Stirring folk from one of Britain’s finest artist. A very peaceful and meditative work featuring gentle acoustic guitars  softly embraced by string synthesizer, piano, electric guitar and glockenspiel, with Phil’s delicate sensitive voice perfectly complementing the dreamy serenity of the music.  Phil also plays acoustic guitar and is assisted by additional musicians Tim Butlin, Derek Huff and John Pantry (who also produced the album).  Light playful piano moods pleasantly  push a couple songs into mellow pop/folk.  ‘Rich Man’, ‘High Street’, ‘In The Darkness’, ‘Communist Love Song’, six others.  Nice touch of fuzz on ‘I Need Love’.  To quote the liner notes: “he often takes a clear intense gaze on an unfriendly world, and yet one is always drawn on to take a refreshing look at the One who makes it all worthwhile.”  Same small UK label that released records by Cephas and Manasseh.  Seen offered fo some large dollars.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




01. Rich Man

02. High Street

03. Whenever Life

04. I Need Love

05. My Song Is Love Unknown

06. In The Darkness

07. Never Walk Alone

08. Communist Love Song

09. Come Along

10. Final Song