Soulful Sounds For A Church In Change  (Tribute  WLSM 31)  1969?


Mission, The - Soulful Sounds For A Church In Change


This group of priestly seminarians was originally known as The Montfort Singers, then renames The Montfort Mission, now trimmed down to simply The Mission.  This album builds upon the old folk style of the group’s early days by adding some piano, organ, electric guitar and harpsichord, but the deep smooth Lettermenesque vocals and poured-on-thick strings can give them an air of churchy muzak.  Not much of a beat either.  Parts are fair enough but the best was yet to come.  Twelve selections, including ‘No Man Is An Island’, ‘Isn’t This A Time’, ‘Because All Men Are Brothers’, ‘How Can We Be Sure?’ and ‘Not By Our Union Alone’ (the latter has some semi-groovy organ).  Back cover includes a write-up by Pat Berkery.  See also the entries under The Montfort Singers and The Montfort Mission.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Mission - Soulful (Bck)



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01. Just a Song

02. Here We Are

03.  No Man Is an Island

04.  Searching

05. Isn’t This a Time

06. Joy and Sorrow

07. Because All Men Are Brothers

08. Just a Thought

09. Let Our Hope Be Real

10. How Can We Be Sure?

11. Here Before You

12. Not by Our Union Alone