Disco-Teach Volume 1 Number 1  (Celebrities  HF 811)  1969


Mission Singers, The - Disco-Teach (1st Series)


This is a photo of Disco-Teach Volume 1 Number 2, only difference is in the box before the Disco-Teach which would reflect that this is Volume 1 Number 1 and the correct songs.   diakoneo

This is a completely different record than the Disco-Teach One listed above.  The concept is the same though: covers of popular songs, followed by a spoken critique.  ‘Let’s Get Together’ is the same recording that appears on their lp of the same name.  Electric guitar and organ steadily rocking along on Johnny Rivers’ ‘Muddy River’.  Also a semi-trippy version of The Who’s ‘I’m Free’.  They actually suggest that you listen to the entire rock opera Tommy (man, how come the priest I grew up with were never this cool?).  The other two songs are ‘Abraham, Martin And John’ and ‘Dock Of The Bay’.  Packaging is also different from the 1971 series: a thin gatefold sleeve containing an inside pocket for the record and teacher guide/booklet.  I do believe that’s Ed Sullivan they’re pictured with on the cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Sorry I have not located this album yet so no song list.