Virgin Highlights (Paramount PAS 6092) 1974


Mission - Highlights (Frnt)


This is a single-disc version of the above rock opera. Eleven of the songs also appear on the box set, but the arrangements here are different. There are also two tracks that don’t appear on the two-disc version: `Fear No Evil’ (a high-energy soulful rocker ala Spencer Davis) and `Together Body And Soulin’ (a stirring orchestrated ballad with female vocals). Same design and psychedelic shiny cross as on the box, but on a regular single-slip cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Mission - Highlights (Bck)



Sorry I haven’t acquired this album yet either, thank you Donald for the song track.


1. Ordination Theme
2. Young Man
3. I’m Alone Today
4. Fear No Evil
5. Kyrie
6. Merciful Jesus
7. Bless Me Father
8. Sign in the Darkness
9. Together Body & Soulin’
10. Temple Turning Time
11. Everybody, I Love You
12. What It’s All About
13. We’ll Never Let It Go