Virgin (Paramount PAS-8000) 1972


Mission - Virgin (Fnt)


Here come those robed radicals again and this time they get the red carpet treatment: a deluxe boxed two-lp rock opera on a biggie label. Not sure if this is before or after Becoming One but it includes a couple songs from it (`Becoming One’ and `Temple Turning Time’). Virgin has a fuller more mainstream commercial rock sound, including strings, horns and some choral backing. Gets pretty rowdy at times, like the heated exchange between the bishop and young priest on `Listen To Me’. Other caste members include the young sister (Dorothy Lerner), ordination choir, narrators, Jesus freaks, church elders, child, woman in confession and drug addict. Big booklet included and eye-popping gimmicky metallic silver cross pasted on the cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Mission - Virgin Bklt Fnt


Mission - Virgin Bklt Pg2


Mission - Virgin Bklt Pg 10


Mission - Virgin (Bck)




LP 1

01. Ordination & Ordination Theme

02. Young Man

03. I’m Alone Today

04. See His Way

05. My Child

06. Don’t Need Religion

07. Same Old Song

08. Bless Me Father

09. Kyrie Eleison

10. Merciful Jesus

11. No More Silence

12 – A Feeling


LP 2

01. Becoming One

02. Sign In The Darkness

03. No Choice

04. Lost Love

05. Got To Know

06. Temple Turning Time

07. Everybody I Love You

08. Listen To Me

09. He Thinks I’m Weak

10. Why Not Leave

11. What It’s All About

12. We’ll Never Let it Go