Hard Job Being God (GWP ST2036) 1971


Mission, The - Hard Job Being God

One of those “rock opera” things, written by Tom Martel and performed by The Mission. Successful mainly because of the strong garage rock angle, heavy on the organ with raw guitars. Some killer cuts in here like the 11-minute `Moses’ Song’ with psychy passages and menacing fuzz. Other cuts are folkier or more subdued. Mostly OT themes like `Amos Gonna Give You Hell’ and `Ruth’ (where the Moabites sing “Ruth you’re a traitor, you’re a turncoat and a bitch. By blood you are a Moabite, you’ve got no right to switch”).  A rather strange production as are most projects in this genre, but way better than average as far as those things go.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).











Thank you Donald and Brian for the track list.


Side 1
1. Hard Time Being God
2. Moses’ Song
The Ten Plagues
3. Ruth

Side 2
1. You’re On Your Own
2. A Psalm Of Peace
3. I’m Countin’ On You
4. Shalom! L’Chaim!
Amos Gonna Give You Hell
5. What Do I Have To Do?
Reprise of Hard Job Being God
A Psalm Of Peace