The Last Day (New Life  NL-7217)  1972?

 Last Day, The

Most Christian groups that utilize saxophone seem to end up in either the jazz/pop or jazz/MOR camp. The Last Day, on the other hand, has created a masterpiece that while undeniably influenced by jazz, solidly retains a classic rock/folkrock context – similar to Traffic’s John Barleycorn Must Die in that respect. Don Lanphere’s alto and soprano saxophones are an integral part of the group’s sound, the skillful licks effortlessly washing over the music as intricate jazz solos or moody intoxicating ripples. Also some good underground electric rhythm and lead guitar work that places the group in that whole west-coast guitar-based “psych” scene alongside Wilson McKinley, Last Call Of Shiloh, etc. The mesmerizing male/female harmonies are equally cutting edge. Sturdy progressive folkrock vibes can be found within such selections as ‘God’s Nature’, ‘Cloud Of Glory’ and ‘Joyful Noise’. Other songs like ‘I Hear The Lord’, ‘Come On Home’ and ‘Heaven In Your Heart’ fashion a dreamy mysterious folk/psych presence. All original songs, save for a creative interpretation of ‘One In The Spirit’. In fact the whole lp is one of the most unique and creative Jesus music albums I’ve heard. Magnificent color fantasy art spanning both the front and back of the gatefold cover. Spokane, Washington custom label.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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01. Last Days

02. New World Comin’

03. Rock-N-Roll for Jesus

04. Take Another Drink

05. Spiritual Counterfeits

06. May You Get All the Glory

07. The Just Shall Live By Faith

08. The Puzzle