The Cry of the City (Seeds Of Truth  SOT 0010)  1983




There’s enough down South classic rock edge and Allmans/Skynyrd guitar growl on this Florida private press to once again justify relaxing my 1980 cut-off restriction. Rousch skillfully handles rhythm, lead, slide and classical guitars. Several tracks feature black singer Kay Winston on lead vocals whose soulful delivery makes for some similarities to Anthem’s Cuttin’ Thru. From Jacksonville’s Spirit Of Life Ministries, aimed at promoting an awareness of the needs and plight of the poor in urban America. Includes an eight-page booklet of lyrics and photos.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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01. The Cry Of The City

02. Eighth Street

03. Day Labor Blues

04. What Do You Require

05. Liberated Woman

06. I Don’t Have The Blues Anymore

07. When I Was Hungry

08. Store Front Church

09. Hope