Message At 33 1/3 (Sky Light  SL-7001)  1979  Canada *


Thomson II, Jim & Preflyet - Message At 33-1-3


Message At 33 1/3 has much of the feel of the best Airborn albums from this same time period. In fact Angel Band members Ron Moore, Pat Quinn and Bill Allen are all listed in the credits for studio musicians here, along with John Lawry (later of Petra) on keyboards. Jim Thomson II leads the way with 12-string guitar through some fine melodic rural-based acoustic rock, folkrock and ballads. The record has a nice simple homemade earthiness to it, with a good mix of acoustic and electric guitar leads, low-tech piano and synthesizer, plus some fitting mandolin and cello accompaniment. Compelling minor-key rural rock moods within ‘Train For Thought’ and ‘Eternal Light Brigade’, sometimes with a faint suggestion of Neil Young. Other titles include ‘I’ve Got Jesus’, ‘Lonely One’, ‘Blend’, ‘Showdown’ and ‘You Are The Song’. Jim is from Windsor, Ontario.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Jim Thomson - Message (Bck)




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01. Be My Song

02. I’ve Got Jesus

03. Lonely One

04. New Song

05. Blend

06. Train For Thought

07. Eternal Light Brigade

08. Come Follow

09. Oh Lord

10. Slow Down

11. You Are The Song

12. Be My Song