Listen To The Wind  (no label  LPS 11171)  1974?


Shaw, Jim - Listen To The Wind


A superior homemade project from Shaw’s music major years at Catholic University in Washington, DC.  Heartfelt melodies featuring the lovely Pat Solis who’s been blessed with one of those beautiful Marj Snyder kind of voices.  Acoustic guitars, electric piano, bass and occasional wind instrument.  Lyrics heavy on love and nature.  Melts my heart, man.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Sorry this album has eluded me, but thank you Brian for a track list.

This LP could be as early as 1969

All of the original songs on the LP are by Jim Shaw.
Other musicians are Pat Solis, Peter Grant and John Rigby.


1.  Listen To The Wind
2.  Song Of Rain
3.  Come To Me
4.  Here There and Everywhere
5.  Garage
6.  Let It Sun
7.  Irish Fields
8.  With You
9.  Mighty Mississippi
10 Where Have You Gone
11 Grain Fields Of Wheat
12 Feelin’ High.