Some Young Carpenter (World Library FR-2242-SM)  1970


Miffleton, Jack - Some Young Carpenter

Some young carpenter has risen, they say, there’s hope today.” On this album Miffleton and crew tossed in electric rhythm and lead guitar along with organ for a heavier irresistible ‘60s “beat-rock-folk-pop” sound that is downright swingin’! Some would even call it “psych”, especially with unusual breaks like ‘Revolutionary Peace’, an anti-war poem recited over guitar, machine gun fire and air raid sirens, dishing out phrases like “dialectical impossibilities, synthetical antitheses, democratic bigotry”. Definitely their most electric recording: ‘Bring On’, ‘I Trust In You’ and ‘Glory To God’ all groove along to a rocking beat, while ‘God Made The World’ and the title track take the brisk plugged-in jingle-jangle route. Softer moods are contained within ballads like ‘You Are My Son’, ‘Hey Joe’ and the somber ‘Flies The Dove’. Features thirteen of Miffleton’s songs. Front cover says “sung by The Group with Skipp Sanders”. By far my favorite from these talented folks.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Jack Miffleton - Some (Bck)

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01. Bring On

02. You Are My Son

03. I Trust You

04. Only These Two

05. Hey Joy

06. Glory To God

07. Revolutionary Peace

08. Some Young Carpenter

09. Break On Thru!

10. God Made The World

11. Flies The Dove

12. Beatitudes

13. We’re Called To Be A City