Fun In The Son  (Maranatha  MM0042A)  1978


Isaac Air Freight - Fun In The Son


I have to admit I’ve never been able to completely relate to the whole “Christian comedy” concept.  There often seems to be a “Christian clique” nature to the humor, plus the laughs are sometimes dampened by the seriousness of the message.  Still, there’s a certain fondness about Isaac Air Freight that makes me glad they were there.   The trio of Dan Rupple, Dave Toole and Larry Watt draw their inspiration from the studio skit method of troupes like Firesign Theatre and Monty Python.  Late Great Planet Earth end-times thinking weighs heavily in their presentation, as do tendencies toward heavy-handedness, a certain amount of dull material,  and an over-reliance on “funny” voices.  On the positive side, they do have their creative moments here and there, managing to generate a few sporadic chuckles.  And no one could ever challenge their, hearts, especially given their strong emphasis on evangelism and Christian commitment.  Fun In The Son is blessed by such gems as ‘Let’s Trade Your Salvation’, ‘Religious Store’, ‘777 Pearly Gates’, ‘The Last World Series Report’, ‘Bible Junkie’ and Jerusalem Dragnet/Testimony’.  The last is a spoof of the TV show Dragnet and includes interviews with Thomas (“I doubt it”), Peter (“I don’t know him!”) and Judas (“I’ll be hangin’ around”).  Three different phone calls are placed to the ‘Rapture Hotline’ to to make sure the Christians are still around (there’s no answer to the third call).  The illustrious character of Buck Weezer is introduced, references to the Spiegel catalog abound,  the canned background music flowes, and jingles like “those craaaaaaaaaaaaa-zy Christians” are destined to be Permanently ingrained in your head. Listen for the inside Malcolm & Alwyn joke. Portions recorded live at the Anaheim Convention Center.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Isaac Air - Fun (Bck)




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Let’s Trade Your Salvation8:31
1-2Religion Store9:15
1-3Rapture Hotline Part 10:46
1-4777 Pearly Gates4:15
2-1Last World Series Report4:14
2-2Rapture Hotline Part 2-Rapture Airlines0:58
2-3Rapture Airlines1:32
2-4Bible Junkie4:01
2-5Crazy Christians1:39
2-6Rapture Hotline Part 30:46
2-7Jerusalem Dragnet / Testimony10:02