Foolish Guys To Confound The Wise (Maranatha  MM0066A)  1980


Isaac Air Freight - Foolish Guys


Round three begins with ‘Final Minutes’, a 60 Minutes-type documentary about lukewarm and hypocritical Christians, including Luke & Lena Logger who continually knock things over because of the “very large wooden protrusions hanging in their eyes”.  Next up are ‘Body Schisms’, ‘KUSS’ (an ad for a “super-dirty” hard rock group) and ‘Woodstock Now’ (a sentimental encounter between two old hippie friends at a bar who haven’t seen each other in years).  Side two introduces the board game of ‘Cult’, followed by the Scrooge spoof ‘Hardness Of Heart’, a commercial for ‘E. F. Bullish’, and a follow-up episode to Fun In The Son‘s ‘Jerusalem Dragnet’.  As with their first two albums, Foolish Guys is a hit and miss.  In my opinion the boys would hit their stride with their next two offerings: Snooze Ya Loose (1981) and My Kingdom Come (1982).      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Isaac Air - Foolish (Bck)



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Final Minutes9:13
1-2Body Schisms4:37
1-4Woodstock Now8:30
2-2Hardness Of Heart6:22
2-3EF Bullish1:32
2-4Jerusalem Dragnet Part 214:35