In The Air On The Air  (A&S  MM0060A) 1979


Isaac Air Freight - In The Air

Mitch Teenmley replaces Larry Watt for the group’s second lp.  ‘Battle Of Invisible Empires’ shows what’s going on behind the scenes in heaven (angels organizing the fulfilment of end-times prophecies) and hell (demons lunching on devilled ham/eggs while planning how to make Christians stumble).  ‘The Day After Tomorrow Show’ has a skeptical newsman interviewing Noah about his big boat project, while ‘The Saving Game’ puts Jesus and two imposter “saviors” in a game show setting ala To Tell The Truth. Finally, the TV western Bonanza is given a prodigal son twist on the closing ‘Prodigal Joe’.  Also some brief routines and commercials, including a hard-rocking advertisement for ‘Lucifer Son Shield’.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Isaac Air - In (Bck)



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Celebrity Cornered3:23
1-3Battle Of Invisible Empires-Front Desk Angel5:53
1-4Battle Of Invisible Empires-Demon’s Dilemma5:37
1-5Lucifer Son Shield1:42
1-6The Day After Tomorrow Show7:47
1-7The Test1:12
2-1Limited Offer1:13
2-2The Saving Game6:55
2-3Editorial Reply2:29
2-4Return Of Christ2:28
2-5Prodigal Joe13:12
2-6Limited Offer Reprise0:09