Ichthus  (No label  173)  1973?




Three guys and three girls with amateur low-budget versions of songs like ‘I Believe In Jesus’ (to the tune of ‘I Believe In Music’), ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, ‘Lean On Me’, ‘For Those Tears I Died’, ‘O Happy Day’ and a couple hymns.  A homemade light-to-medium rock format put together with piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, plus a good measure of organ that brings a nice soulful and/or gospel edge to the music.  Greek fish symbol designed on the front cover, while the photo on the back reveals the group’s fondness for platform shoes and plaid bellbottoms.  No indication where they’re from.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Icthus - Icthus (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the song list as I have not acquired this album at this time.


Side 1
1. I Believe In Jesus
2. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
3. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
4. Lean On Me

Side 2
1. Sing Of My Redeemer
2. For Those Tears I Died
3. O Happy Day
4. I Need You Every Hour