Harvest  (Everlasting Spring  ES9001)  1979



Prior to becoming a popular ccm duo in the ’80s, Harvest recorded this independent production as a trio.  Jerry Williams, Ed Kerr, and third member Paul Wilbur didn’t quite have a pop/ccm sound at this time, but rather than an orchestrated acoustic ballad style where smooth rich  harmonies and strings are blanketed over a base of acoustic guitar and/or piano.  ‘Love Is Calling’, ‘Resurrection Morning’, ‘The Sounds Of The Lord’, ‘The Time Seems Right’, ‘Rainy Day and six more.  Sometimes brings to mind the soothing mellow ballad side of Dust & Ashes.  Still gonna be a tough swallow for most rockers.  Produced and arranged by Rick Powell.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Harvest - Harvest (Bck)




1. Only The Overcomers
2. The Battle Is The Lord’s
3. All That Is In Me
4. Behold God
5. Onething I Ask
6. It’s Alright Now
7. If We Don’t Believe (send Us To The World)
8. Because I Am
9. Not By Might
10. I Will Worship The Lord
11. Memories
12. Calvary
13. The Army Of The Lord
14. Yesterday
15. Where Would I Be?