Glory Road (Gospel Towne GT 004 01) 1976









Magnificent folk rock custom from guy/girl Albuquerque, New Mexico outfit with fresh melodic style that’s very similar to Rising Hope (one of my all-time favorite Jesus music groups), along with touches of Dove, The Way and America.  Rich 12-string sound joined by Arp synthesizer, electric guitar, piano, bass and drums.  ‘Are You Ready’ and the title track both shift in and out of fast/slow tempos, including lightning-fast acoustic solos and lively bongo percussion (the title song also inserts some gritty electric guitar in the slower passages).  A few wholesome rural edges with steel guitar and harmonica can be found on ‘Allelujah’ and ‘Prodigal Son (The Fatted Calf)’.  Beautiful soaring folk rock presence to ‘Behold’, while ‘I Love You’, the mysterious ‘The Unconcerned’ and ‘1500 Miles’ provide gorgeous ballad moods.  Great song writing, dynamic musicianship and sincere male/female harmonies throughout.  As far as folk rock releases go, this really is quite exceptional.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-3I Love You
1-4Are You Ready
2-1Prodigal Son
2-2Glory Road
2-3The Unconcerned
2-41500 Miles