You Can’t Disguise Religion (Starr 100) 1972?


Frank Starr (Fnt)



When the good Lord gave out singing voices I would have to imagine that Frank Starr was not among the particularly gifted. That, however, didn’t stop him from attempting to pursue a career in rock music. When that didn’t pan out a conversion to Jesus Christ transpired amidst the despair and disappointment. Country gospel was to be his new found means of expression, and in a strange twist of fate he ended up being paired with the Jesus rock band Wilson McKinley (along with guitarist Neil Livingston) for his first Christian recording You Can’t Disguise Religion. Seven of the ten songs here fall into the pure country or country-gospel category, all heavily steeped in steel guitar and Starr’s Wauhob-esque vocals (to the uninitiated: the Wauhob Family is country gospel’s most celebrated so-bad-they’re-good real people outfit. Their Country Style Revival custom is a pure delight!). A couple of the tunes (‘I Felt His Love’ and the title track) slip into the hippie country rock direction, allowing some satisfying guitar leads from the McKinley boys. And on the monster hard rock closing track ‘Jesus’ they all cut loose, the band hammering away in classic Quicksilver fashion to a Bo Diddley beat, while Starr passionately yells “Jeeeeeeee-sus!!!” in an attempt to make the most of the rock and roll moment he finds himself in. This cut alone makes this album essential. Some hilarious liner notes telling how in the late ‘50s he was once mobbed in the lobby of a Nashville hotel, the crowd mistaking him for Elvis!     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Frank Starr (Bck)

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01. You Can’t Disguise Religion

02. I’m Going Back Home

03. His Beautiful Garden

04. I Tell My Savior All

05. I Felt His Love

06. Never Doubt His Word

07. Next To Me

08. I’m Going Home

09. Jesus My Friend To The End

10. Jesus