This Side Of Eternity, 1st version (Revelation  D5051)  1973


First Revelation - This Side Of Eternity

First Revelation is the Long Island duo of Danny and Lynda Kimer, together with drummer John Hauser.  This Side Of Eternity‘s actually their second lp, following their excellent home made rock/psych lp Gospel under the name Danny & Lynda (see entry).  This custom album is just as good, perhaps even more consistent than their debut.  Danny’s guitar is in top form: fuzz and wah-wah reign freely on ‘Where Could I Go’ which features a strong contender for guitar solo of the century.  Just try and resist the urge to break into air guitar acrobatics!  More growling distorted electric licks can be found scurrying out-of-control on ‘As Long As You Listen’, ‘New Jerusalem’ and the doo-woop-ish ‘Lord, Come Into My Life’.  The title track is a nice quiet piece (with violin accompaniment), as are ‘All My Trials’, ‘Jesus Loves Me’, and ‘Amazing Grace’.  For ‘Lord’s Last Supper’ and ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ Danny pulls out a banjo and gets down into some mean bluegrass (Lynda’s novelty synths on the latter are hilarious).  Guitar heroes are a rarity in this game – what a pity more people haven’t discovered Danny Kimer.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1This Side Of Eternity4:26
1-2Where Could I Go 4:33
1-3Jesus Loves Me 1:53
1-4Lord, Come Into My Life 4:51
1-5Lords Last Supper 2:54
2-1As Long As You Listen4:31
2-2All My Trials 3:53
2-3New Jerusalem3:53
2-4Amazing Grace 3:33
2-5Swing Low Sweet Chariot 2:08