Star-Light  (Raven  EL-06)  1979


Ellis & Lynch - Starlight


Folk? Not any more. E & L proudly enter the disco age with strings,horns,synthetic drums and a candy-coated pop attitude.  Even their new sculptured hairdos are pretty-perfect, with not a hair out of place.  Lots of MOR and easy listening ballads, punctuated here and there with a lively number like ‘You Can Fly’, the title song or the novelty vaudville throwback ‘I Like Kids’.  The closing ‘Song Of Trust’ is the standout track with its silky laidback funk groove and a mysterious minor-key edge.  Potential palatability for fans of Standard Vocal Band.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



This one has eluded my searches. However I found the track list here.  There is a web site for Michael Lynch with biography here.  A location where a number of Jesus Music album can be purchased can be found here.  diakoneo


01. You Can Fly (Ps 103)

02. Love Is Kind (1 John 4)

03. I’m In Your Life

04. Sharing The Light (Compartiendo la Luz)

05. Bread Blessed and Broken

06. His People Sing

07. Winter; Star-Light

08. I Like Kids

09. Miracle Of Life

10. Song Of Trust (Ps 31)