A Turn For The Better (Emblem JDR 311) 1967 UK *


Concords, The - A Turn For The Better

Perhaps The Concords’ style is not so much beat as it is pure ‘60s pop.  Their second album sports a fuller sound, heavy on the pop vocal harmonies, sometimes adding simple brass and string orchestration to target top-40 ground, scoring what should have been AM hits with ‘By God’s Hand’ and ‘Somebody You Ought To Know’.  I catch glimmers of Jay & The Americans and a few others I can’t put my finger on, even Elvis.  There’s still a garage angle due in part to the standard Neanderthal Emblem production, but also from the primitive electric guitar and perky drums.  Bits of psych guitar here and there, echoey solos, tremolo, some deep Duane Eddy twang, some jangly sounds, one instrumental track.  Not every cut’s a winner – a few lackluster melodies, a couple songs seriously cluttered up with horns – but given the paucity of such material, The Concords ultimately satisfy.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1We Believe In Miracles3:05
1-2By Gods Hand2:55
1-3Come On2:24
1-4I’m Going Home2:30
1-5Somebody You Ought To Know2:51
1-6Got No Worries On My Mind3:01
1-7There’s No Mountain We Can’t Climb2:48
2-1Faith And Trust2:35
2-2Home In That Rock3:49
2-3Call Yourself A Christian2:45
2-4I Sing Of One I Know3:02
2-5Theme From No Worries On My Mind2:08
2-6Sure Would Like To Go1:53
2-7I Didn’t Realise2:44