Soul Purpose (Emblem  JDR 303)  1966  UK *


Concords, The - Soul Purpose

Larry Norman may not have been in diapers when this group first began playing, but he may very well still have been picking his nose. I honestly thought Christian music had missed this era – imagine my delight when discovering this British ‘60s pop/beat outfit. The Concords are four clean-cut guys in classy black suits, shown here donning electric guitars in a classic Ventures-type pose. They churn out primitive Jesus music that humbly recalls the first sparks of the British Invasion (which in 1966 would have put them a couple years behind the times, but hey, let’s cut them a break). Released on an obscure low-budget UK custom label, Soul Purpose has an easygoing garagy exuberance as the boys stroll through Merseybeat-styled pop, replete with smooth harmonies, a light beat, modest electric guitar solos, organ, whistled melodies and even a bit of surfy whammy bar. Mostly original songs, including several upbeat numbers like ‘I Have Met The Master’, ‘The Bible Tells Me So’ and ‘Dig Deep And Strike The Rock’. ‘My Lord’s Love’ shuffles along to sort of a bossa nova rhythm. A couple nice melodic ballads in ‘He Thinks Of You’ and the Beatlesque ‘The Bible Asks Many Questions’. It’s like tuning in to a Dick Clark oldies show. Back cover says they had been together for five years at the time of this recording.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Concords Soul (Bck)



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Teach Me Thy Way3:19
1-2Dig Deep And Strike The Rock2:21
1-3The Highest Hill2:33
1-4In My Heart2:26
1-5He Thinks Of You2:58
1-6Early In The Morning3:00
2-1I Have Met The Master2:50
2-2The Bible Tells Me So2:10
2-3My Friend And I2:42
2-4The Bible Asks Many Questions1:55
2-5My Lord’s Love2:49