Sonshine  (Rainbow  R-1242-LPS)  1978?


Stalnecker, Chip - Sonshine


Respectable solo project from one of the members of the Young Stalneckers (see entries).  Mostly a soft-to-middle-ground rural piano/guitar/organ rock format, sometimes ecoustic, sometimes electric, without any strings or horns.  Chip’s voice at times recalls Larry Norman, especially on the rowdier cuts.  The heaviest track is ‘I Don’t Care’, a convicting song about a person who rejects the Lord that includes trippy downer moves, psychedelic organ and loud fuzz guitar.  Quieter songs like ‘Love’, ‘Country Church’ and the pop-edged title track bring to mind the mellow style of artist like Dave Mattson.  Includes an altered version of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ along with ‘I Believe In Jesus’ to the tune of ‘I Believe In Music’.  Also several originals.  Chip plays piano and guitar, while brother and fellow Young Stalnecker Rick supplies drums and organ.  Apparently they traveled around a lot in a double-decker Greyhound bus for revivals and concerts with their parents Ed and Bette Stalnecker.  Chip was attending high school by correspondence at the time of this recording.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Chip Stalnecker - Sonshine (Bck)



I also discovered that Rick and Chip also had a 1969 album Get On Board, which is also on the Rainbow

label.  This one may have a more gospelly flavour from the song tracks.  Additional information can be found at this web site, including the front cover picture.      diakoneo


Sorry I have not located this album as yet, however I found the song list at this web site.



01. Sonshine
02. Love
03. Bridge Over Troubled Water
04. I Don’t Care
05. Mama & Papa
06. You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’
07. I Believe In Jesus
08. Precious Love
09. Maybe Tomorrow
10. Country Church

Chip Stalnecker was a licensed preacher and traveled full time with his family doing revivals and concerts.
His brother Rick and wife Lynne sang on this record.