It’s The Clearwater (Biograph BLP-12018) 1969


Tom Winslow is one of those authentic grassroots folk/blues singers – the kind that summons up images of Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, the Folkways label and the like.  It’s The Clearwater contains thirteen songs featuring Tom on vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo, plus additional guitar from Happy Traum.  Natural rough bluesy vocals coupled with skillful guitar work makes this a genuine timeless first-rate folk record.  A number of spiritual titles (Hank Williams’ ‘When I Get To Glory I’m Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing’, ‘Hide Me In The Bosom’, ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’, ‘Death Comes Creeping’, ‘My God Is Real’, ‘There’s A Bright Side Somewhere’), as well as a few social protest songs (‘Fayette County’, ‘My Dirty Stream’, ‘If You Love Your Uncle Sam, Bring Them Home’, the latter two written by Pete Seeger).  Says on the back that he devoted himself to his church and singing after a near-fatal auto accident in 1968.  He also made numerous appearances with Pete Seeger at colleges and towns along the Hudson River in the late ‘60s.  The title song was written by Tom about a ship called the Clearwater that sailed the Hudson on an anti-pollution campaign in 1969.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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01. Hey Looka Yonder (It’s The Clearwater)

02. When I Get To Glory I’m Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing

03. Let Us Sing Together

04. The Preacher And The Slave (Sweet Bye And Bye)

05. Fayette County

06. Hide Me In The Bosom

07. My Dirty Stream

08. If You Love Uncle Sam, Bring Them Home

09. God’s Gonna Cut You Down

10. My God Is Real

11. Death Comes Creeping

12. There’s A Bright Side Somew

13. One, Two, Three