Words, Love, Music  (Move  MS 3003)  1970?  Australia *



Carter, Sydney - Words, Love, Music


Over the years I’ve been introduced to the songs of Sydney Carter (the best-known being ‘Lord Of The Dance’) from a variety of different artist, but this was my first opportunity to hear directly from the man himself.  As the title suggests, Words, Love, Music is a collection of both songs and poetic readings.  Most of the songs are of the folk variety, with musical backing that varies from acoustic guitar to woodwinds to piano to a small band with a beat.  In addition to Carter there are a number of guest vocalist, both male and female.  Anyone familiar with Carter’s songs knows there’s always an ear to spiritual, social and political concerns, served with his trademark sharp wit.  Certainly not a man of trite words, as titles like ‘Eros (One Leg Up And One Leg  Down)’, ‘Socialism In Our Time’,  ‘British Museum Waltz’ and ‘The Buck Of Epping’ confirm.   Carter’s humor surfaces on songs like ‘Before We Drive Away’ and ‘My Last Cigarette’, the latter sung (and coughed) by a lady that sounds like she really has smoked a million cigarettes.  In contrast is the lovely delicately-sung ‘Bird Of Heaven’.  Spiritual themes can be found throughout, including ‘Bell Of Creation’, ‘Come Love Carolling’, ‘Son Of Man’, ‘The Danger’ and ‘Bitter Was The Night’.  ‘Dr. Spock’, ‘Run The Film Backwards’, ‘Look No Hands!’ and ‘The Holy Mountain’ are some of the spoken selections.  From the closing ‘To My Heart’: “That anything should ever be at all it seems to me, is quite incredible.  For either there is nothing to all the time or all things are forever.  Nothingness alone is illogical, but here I am: a bloody miracle.”  Twenty-four tracks in all, packaged in an attractive gate-fold cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo. Thank you discogs for the song list.



Song # Song Title Time
1-01Bell Of Creation 2:19
1-02Eros 2:01
1-03Better Take A Book To Bed 1:21
1-04Words, Love, Music 0:33
1-05Man With The Microphone 1:40
1-06Landlord And Tenant 1:47
1-07Dr Spock 0:22
1-08Socialism In Our Time 1:34
1-09My Last Cigarette 1:56
1-10British Museum Waltz 1:27
1-11Never Can Tell 1:06
1-12Run The Film Backwards 1:27
2-01Come, Love, Carolling 2:16
2-02Carole 0:31
2-03Bird Of Heaven 3:01
2-04Look No Hands! 0:43
2-05Son Of Man 1:25
2-06The Danger 0:39
2-07Bitter Was The Night 1:41
2-08The Holy Mountain 0:38
2-09The White Buck Of Epping 2:53
2-10The Crow On The Cradle2:27
2-11Before We Drive Away 2:00
2-12To My Heart 1:00