Rohrbacker, Hendren & Kingen (RA  2176LPS)  1975



Exceptionally talented Oregon trio that blends the jangly energetic folkrock guitars and gentle close-knit harmonies of The Byrds with FM country rock, bluesy classic rock jamming and flowing summery CSN-ish soft rock sounds. Instrumental lineup is the same throughout with the dual electric guitars of Bob Rohrbacker and Bob Hendren vibrantly resounding on every track, including some superb lead work from Mr. Hendren. Mark Kingen handles bass while a couple friends alternate at drums. The opening salvo of ‘Look Towards Tomorrow’, ‘You’re In My Life’ and ‘Near To Me Now’ is especially strong. An obvious professionalism and “true rockers” mentality at work here making this outing a quantum leap above most homegrown Christian projects. A virtually unheard of 500-press mega-rarity. Phenomenal!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

 This one was on Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. Look Towards Tomorrow

02. You’re In My Life

03. Near To Me Now

04. Guide Me To The Light

05. I Feel Free

06. Christian Man

07. Alive In Him

08. We Are The Place Of God

09. Heard The Message

10. Ever

11. Living In God’s World

12. Walking With God