First Step (Willow Creek  WC-82879)  1979



Man, talk about an uncanny resemblance to Pat Terry. Not just the voice but also that whole rural folkrock and acoustic ballads style. And whattya know, they’re both from Georgia, too! Must be something in the water down there. Anyhow, no complaints here as I adore Pat Terry and I love Rick’s stuff, too. Maybe even a little more, as Rick’s records have the feel of Terry’s custom debut, my personal fave of his. The pickin’ here is certainly just as up to snuff, and the songwriting just as catchy. Rick supplies lead vocals and acoustic guitar while his band chips in acoustic and electric lead guitar, bass, steel guitar, piano, string synthesizer and drums. From gentle ballads and acoustic songs, to easygoing rural boogie and shuffle-along pickers, to friendly country rock/folkrock, with titles like ‘Everlasting High’, ‘Shepherd Cowboy’, ‘Sow In Tears/Reap In Joy’, ‘Heaven Is A Wonderful Place’ and ‘Sunday School Song’. Wife Donna Painter provides backing vocals here and there.  (Ken Scott – Archivist)



This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Jesus Is My Song

02. Everlasting High

03. Shepherd Cowboy

04. Sow In Tears

05. Heaven Is A Wonderful Place

06. I Can’t Forget

07. Born Again

08. Donna’s Song

09. Sunday School Song

10. I Can Testify