Harvest (Christian Alternative  111580)  1980


Painter, Rick - Harvest


Rick handles most of the instruments himself on Harvest (guitars, bass and keyboards), assisted only by a lead guitarist and two female background singers. Rick also produced, arranged, engineered and mixed the album, plus he wrote all the songs. Pretty much the same Pat Terry Group sound as First Step where jangly electric folkrock songs alternate with synth-string’d acoustic ballads. Some of the titles are ‘Flyaway’, ‘First Step’, ‘I’ll Take The Bible’, ‘When Jesus Comes Again’, ‘What’s It Gonna Be Worth’, ‘Striving For The Crown’ and ‘Nothing He Can’t Do’ (not to be confused with Pat Terry’s ‘Nothing That You Can’t Do’). Speaking of that lead electric guitar, it really cooks on the six-minute ‘The Deceiver’!      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





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01. Flyaway

02. Harvest

03. First Step

04. I’ll Take The Bible

05. Nothing He Can’t Do

06. The Deceiver

07. When Jesus Comes

08. I Believe

09. What’s It Gonna Be

10. Striving For The Crown