All In All (Delta DRS 82M 120) 1982



Phil Butin had collaborated with Ron Case for the excellent live acoustic set A Dream And A Prayer back in the late ‘70s.  All In All takes the opposite end of the spectrum with a powerful hard-rocking statement reminiscent of some of Phil Keaggy’s heavier ‘80s moments, with even some Glass Harp flourishes (particularly the mid-section of ‘I Am’).  A cleanly produced sound, yet at the same time a raw underground feel.  While side one growls along pretty heavily, side two takes a quieter turn, maintaining the quality level with a beautiful silky flowing Keaggy-like sense of melody and occasional touches of soft jazz.  Both gents share in the guitar work which is superb throughout, from graceful acoustic passages to fluid lyrical electric leads to gritty energetic riffs.  Webster also handles acoustic and electric piano while others provide the bass and drums.  Sax and female vocals in a couple spots.  It usually takes something special for me to keep a post-1980 album – and that something special is definitely here.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. I Am

02. I’m The One You Need

03. Come To Me And Rest

04. We’re Not Alone

05. Help Is On The Way

06. Ahead

07. The Way I Was Before

08. Take Me Far Away & Lately

09. Shine With Your Light

10. All In All