Sing Life, Sing Love (Pilgrim JLP 164) 1969 UK *


British folksinger joined here by a small combo providing a light beat along with guitar, organ, piano, and bass.  Bio on the back cover says he spent time in a beat group (The Liverpool Raiders, see EP section) before connecting with folks in the UK Jesus music scene including some of the Reflection gang.  Lewis has a particular love for Sydney Carter, covering five of his songs here.  Also four Lewis originals including the title track (which he also performed on the Reflection label’s Hosanna: A Portrait Of Us All) and my personal favorite ‘Dazzling New And Super You’.  Also renditions of ‘Kumbaya’, ‘Love Is Come Again’, ‘My Neighbour’, fifteen songs in all.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. Come, Love, Carolling

02. Magnificat Now

03. Lord Of The Galaxies

04. Love Is Come Again

05. Lord Of The Dance

06. Little Light In The Night

07. Kumbaya

08. Sing Life, Sing Love, Sing Jesus

09. Dazzling New And Super You

10. Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

11. Word Of Love

12. My Neighbour

13. Two Thousand Years Away

14. Standing In The Rain

15. Keep Us In Your Heart