A Taste Of New Wine  (Creative Sound  CSS 1566)  1972


Newbury Park - A Taste Of New Wine


On this album Newbury Park sometimes brings to mind a more commercial version of Parchment, Nutshell or 2nd Chapter Of Acts.  “Sunshine pop” enthusiasts should take special note, as it’s a vibrant pop-rock format featuring bright guy/gal harmonies over acoustic and electric guitars (including some fuzz), organ, electric piano, bass and drums, heavily coated over with enough brass, strings and big sound to give it the feel of early ’70s Top-40 mainstream productions.  There’s a very strange chaotic song called ‘What’s That You Say’ closing out the first side that sounds like it belongs somewhere on side four of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Other titles include ‘No They  Can’t Take Away Our Music’, ‘Little Black Book’, ‘Never Could Live Without You’, ‘One Way To Love’ and ‘I’m Gonna Tell The World’ .  A tad overproduced and sugary in parts, but more hits than misses. Gatefold cover.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Newbury Park - A Taste (CS Bck)




01. Thank You

02. No They Can’t Take Away Our Music

03. It’s In Your Power

04. Little Black Book

05. What’s That You Say

06. Fourth Of July

07. Never Could Live Without You

08. One Way To Love

09. Morning Sky

10. I’m Gonna Tell The World