Giver Of Joy (Angelus  WR 4996)  1971?




Smooth infectious elevator easy-listening/pop that could potentially cause Ralph Carmichael to raise an eyebrow.  Airy schmaltz-soaked guy/gal harmonies blanket titles like ‘God’s Wonderful Gifts’, ‘God Loves You’, ‘What Ya Gonna Do?’, etc.,  with backing from acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harpsichord, electric piano, organ, trumpet, flute, percussion and bass.  ‘I Want To Please Him’ gets a pretty good groove going with organ, electric bass and bongos.  Still a doubtful pursuit for the psych and rock crowd,  plus a few of the songs ar3e duds, but as far as high-class lounge goes they seem to have nailed the mood.  A custom  production of Southern California College.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

While looking for a song list and a back cover picture I discovered that Southern California College is affiliated with the Assemblies Of God church. Was formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1920, in the 1950 it was moved to Cosa Mesa, CA. where it is today, however in 1999 the name was changed to Vanguard University of Southern California additional information can be found here on Wikipedia.    diakoneo


New Life - Giver (Bck)



Sorry I did not find a song list or back cover picture and I have not found the album yet either, thank you Donald for the song list.


Side 1
1. Giver Of Joy
2. God’s Wonderful Gifts
3. Wonderful Peace
4. God Loves You
5. What Ya Gonna Do?

Side 2
1. I Want To please Him
2. Finding Favor In His Sight
3. Unbeliever
4. Just To Be Close To Thee

Deborah Bell                    Jim Akers
Jeanne Westbrooks               Ken Wesbrooks
Pat Crouse                      Jim Thomas
Kathy Sanderson                 Del Holford
Darlene Garner                  Galen Gray
Mike Trenton                    Rick Peterson
Vince Neypes

Trumpet: Phil Barfoot
Flute: Galen Gray
Acoustic Guitar: Tom Akers & David Mattia
Electric Guitar: David Mattia
Bass: David Mattia (Electric) & David Stone (Bass Viol)
Percussion: Val Gonzalo
Organ: Carrie Gonzalo
Harpsicord & Piano: Vince Neypes (Steinway & Fender Rhodes)