Faith As A Grain Of Mustard Seed (Trinity  TST-100)  1975



Arkansas foursome of Terry Taylor (not the Daniel Amos one), Grady Broadaway, Joe Turner, and Harvey Jett. Jett was a onetime member of Black Oak Arkansas, but don’t expect any Southern raunch and roll on this custom lp (sorry, no Jim Dandy’s to the rescue). Nope, this is acoustic country folk on the soft side. It’s a very simple sound, noticeably homemade, but with good down-home pass-the-grits attitude, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, banjo, 12-string, mandolin, and no keyboards, all translating into a palatable serving of Southern hospitality. Mostly original songs from Taylor such as ‘Faith’, ‘Sweet Jesus’, ‘I Finally Gave In To Jesus’ and ‘Never Going Back’, plus covers of Kinfolk’s ‘Alpha & Omega’ and 2nd Chapter’s ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home’. Carried along by some pleasant easygoing acoustic and electric guitar leads. Eddie DeGarmo is listed as one of the engineers. The group later evolved into the more rock-edged Sweetwater.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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01. Faith

02. All Over Now

03. Alpha & Omega

04. The Whole Song

05. Sweet Jesus

06. I Finally Gave In To Jesus

07. Never Going Back

08. I Don’t Want To Go Home