Broken Heart  (MusiCraft  T2058)  1975?



Broken Heart wonderfully preserves a live performance by the foursome in front of a small audience at Georgia Baptist Assembly in Toccoa, Georgia.  Lots of lengthy impromptu talk between the songs in their homey longhaired Southern boy lingo, talking about how they used to be “rough”, people getting saved, Jesus coming back, Jett’s personal testimony, etc., all punctuated with what’s probably got to be a record number of “praise the Lord” exclamations.  Some fine examples of their mellow country rock style, including covers of ‘Two Hands’, ‘I Came To See A Soul Saved’, ‘Jesus Is The Answer’ and ‘Two Roads’.  Of the originals songs, ‘Never Going Back’ also appears on their Faith As A Grain Of Mustard Seed album, while the rest (‘Fly Me Away’, ‘Jesus, Jesus’, ‘Broken Heart’) appear only here.  Cover has a sepia illustration of Christ’s face covered with red streaks of blood from the crown of thorns.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Two Hands

02. Fly Me Away

03. I Came To See A Soul Saved

04. Never Going Back

05. Jesus Is The Answer

06. Jesus Jesus

07. Broken Heart

08. Two Roads