Uprising!  (Impact  HWS 1918)  1968?


New Folk, The - Uprising



Coat-and-tie matching-pink-dresses bring-em-home-to-mom Campus Crusade For Christ folk octet featuring students from the University of Minnesota.  I doubt you’ll find much fault with their eight-part harmonies or guitar prowess, but you’ve likely heard all these covers a million times before.  Still if you like competent remakes of ‘Jordan’s River’, ‘Road To Freedom’, ‘What’s That I Hear’, ‘You Can Tell The World’ and ‘He’s Everything To Me’ , well, here ya go.That one guy’s voice is pretty darn low.  Looks like two acoustic guitars, an upright bass and a banjo.  They’ve certainly got spunk – I’ll give ’em that.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


New Folk - Uprising Mono (Bck)




01. Swing Down Chariot

02. Road To Freedom

03. He’s Everything To Me

04. You Can Tell The World

05. Come With Me

06. Jordan’s River

07. Mighty Time

08. What’s That I Hear

09. Wayfaring Stranger

10. Ain’t No More Cane

11. Black Is The Color

12. Where I’m Bound