The Electric Liturgy (RCA  LSP-4218)  1969




From Morgantown, West Virginia. Although some of their material is psychy rock-pop, much is ’69 class-of-brass too. The Electric Liturgy is reportedly along the same lines as the Electric Prunes’ Mass In F Minor although Mind Garage were not aware of Mass In F Minor and had been performing their Electric Liturgy in churches for several years before they released the above album.

Larry McClurg: “My own contributions were original, and I assumed the others were also. Mind Garage collaborated on the Electric Liturgy at the suggestion of Reverend Michael Paine and his wife Tori. The idea was to bring the contemporary music into the church while attracting the young people who might not otherwise ever visit a church. We started as “garage” musicians and were not into ministry. In fact we were very much a part of the ‘street’. As I remember, Reverend Paine explained the church seemed too far away from real life… “you shouldn’t leave your humanity at the door” when you enter church.”

Mass in F Minor alike ?

The above information was found from here.  This one is not found in “The Archivist”.






01. Ruby Rose

02. Life

03. Back Down Home

04. Further Back Down

05. There Was A Time

06. Sweet Potato

07. Doctor John

08. Never Leave Me

09. Angel Asks

10. What’s Behind Those Eyes