A Time of Peace (Discovery  101)  1971?


I can’t imagine anyone not liking the simple music of this obviously gifted folksinger, one who’s fondly remembered from the early days. Her debut album (recorded when she was only seventeen and a junior at San Lorenzo High School in Felton, California) is primarily dreamy soft-sung lyrics over tranquil guitar. What’s immediately striking is how captivating her voice is – how it carries you right up into the clouds. A Time Of Peace includes five of her own songs, as well as covers of John Fischer (‘Look All Around You’, ‘Road Of Life’), Ray Repp (‘I Am The Resurrection’) and Jim Strathdee (‘I Am The Light’). Also haunting renditions of ‘I Saw A Man’ (backed by piano) and ‘They’ll Know We Are Christians’ (with distant background organ). Mostly quiet-natured songs, although drums, bass and a beat show up on ‘For Norman’. A few additional voices join in for a homey folk sing-along of ‘He’s Everything To Me’ that closes the album. (Ken Scott – Archivist)

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. God

02. Look All Around You

03. They’ll Know We Are Christians

04. Road of Life

05. White Clouds

06. I Am the Resurrection

07. I Am the Light

08. I Saw a Man

09. For Norman

10. The Law of Love

11. Do You Care

12. He’s Everything to Me