My Lifetime Now (Discovery  3001)  1972?


My Lifetime Now continues in the same direction as A Time Of Peace. Once again the approach is straightforward and hands-off, mostly gentle songs that focus on Marj and her guitar. Occasional instrumental backing gives a soft jazz angle here, a carefree country moment there. Emotions range from pain and agony in ‘I’m Dyin’ to the mournful tone of the hippie ballad ‘High On The Love Of Jesus’, the latter with guitar and vocal assistance from John Fischer. Fischer also provides additional guitar on ‘Lord Of Glory’. Conga backing adds depth to ‘Walk By My Window’, ‘So Much More’ and the title track. Four backup vocalists assist for a simple version of ‘For Those Tears I Died’. With a nod to Judy Collins, she closes the lp with an a cappella rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’. Two covers exist: one with a photo on Marj on the back, the other with lyrics.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. Victorious Warrior

02. My Lifetime Now

03. You

04. High on the Love of Jesus

05. Lord of Glory

06. Peace

07. I’m Dying

08. So Much More

09. Chicago

10. Walk by My Window

11. Knees Knockin’

12. For Those Tears I Died

13. God’s Family

14. Amazing Grace