Beauty for Ashes (Praise Jesus  EARS-36)  1978


Beauty For Ashes included a few personnel changes as well as a move to New Jersey. Although the later sound makes for a slightly lesser work, there’s indeed plenty to admire here. Mellow folk praise dominates side one, a more or less pleasant and peaceful sound highlighting acoustic guitar, a pair of flutes and female lead vocals. The title track especially has a lovely minor-key beauty. The three extended tracks that make up side two, however, are where the real edge kicks in. ‘Conquered Death’ has a mid-tempo classic rock feel with harmonica, hard rock guitar, flute and electric piano each getting a solo turn. More tasty guitar leads follow on ‘The Catching Away’ and ‘The Great Day’, both excellent lengthy progressive tracks re-interpreted from Last Call with positive results (a touch jazzier, with the addition of lead flute and keyboard passages). Two cover variations exist: one featuring simple black lettering over a white background, the other an old-fashioned photograph of a girl holding flowers, again both pressed in micro quantities.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. I Love You Lord

02. The Way I Feel

03. Come To The Lord

04. Glory To Jesus

05. Beauty For Ashes

06. Conquered Death

07. The Catching Away

08. The Great Day