Show You A New Dance  (Dovetail  DOVE 43)  1976  UK  *



Keith’s name can be found as a contributor on various UK albums by artists like Barry Crompton and Amaziah. He’s also the main man behind the mega-rare This Driftin’s Gotta Stop record. On his solo lp Show You A New Dance (one of the more obscure Dovetail releases), Keith presents ten of his own songs. Mostly a melodic soft-to-middle-ground rock format ala Bryn Haworth, with Keith providing acoustic guitar, second electric guitar, mandolin and vocals, assisted by several others including Mo Witham, Nick Ryan and Pete Banks. Some mellow jazz vibes courtesy of saxophone (‘Kindergarten Children’, ‘So Close’, ‘Imitation’) and flute (‘Precious Light’), plus wah-wah guitar that brings a mild disco suggestion. The opening ‘Laughin’ Smilin’ is a solid rocking track with electric guitar. Produced by John Pantry.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.  Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Laughin' Smilin'
1-2Show You A New Dance
1-3Kindergarten Children
1-4Nothing Can Divide
1-5So Close
2-1Precious Light
2-2Heart Of Steel
2-3New Clothes
2-5Piano Player