The Competitor (KMR TSRC-2162) 1980?


Plaso, Joe - The Competitor

Good rural-edged folk/folkrock guy whose voice and songwriting style closely resemble Don Francisco, but with simpler arrangements.  Usually jangly acoustic guitar leading the way, with string synthesizer checking in a close second, followed by piano, flute, electric guitar and female backing vocals.  ‘I Traded My Religion In’, ‘Come Learn Of Me’ and the title track receive pleasant rustic country touches courtesy of instruments like mandolin, banjo, fiddle and steel guitar.  Heavier rock gestures with electric guitar and fuzz soloing can be found on ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ and the solemn ‘Last Chance’.  Favorite song title: ‘No Sympathy For The Devil’.  Joe on acoustic guitar and synthesizer, assisted by fourteen others.  Intriguing cover painting of an enthroned Jesus presenting a prize ribbon.  Custom recording from Elyria, Ohio.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. You Gotta Be Born Again

02. Please Accept This Song

03. I Traded My Religion In

04. Come Learn Of Me

05. Last Chance

06. The Best Is Yet To Come

07. No Sympathy For The Devil

08. No Difference To Me

09. The Competitor