Taste And See (Beracah  NR 5273)  1974



Enter into the enchanting world of Francis Frangipane – a land of ethereal acoustic music fashioned with guitars, flutes, piano, organ, kettledrums, cymbals and spacey female backup singers. Frangipane’s music seems to fit in on the edges of the moody Catholic minor-key folk movement, creating a beautiful spacious brooding atmosphere. His singing recalls some of those folk singers with mildly traditional voices, but who seek an alternative and more artful means of expression. Often graced with a stately shimmering presence of 12-string guitar, with an occasional mildly out-of-tune quality that makes for an interesting effect. The various percussion instruments also work together to accentuate the moody vibe, but it’s the flutes especially that give this custom such a dreamy air of mystery. ‘Faith Is The Victory’ has some low-mixed electric guitar jams firming up its minor-key mood, while ‘Search The Lord’ gets a nice psych edge from the organ. Other titles include ‘Beautiful Upon The Mountains’, ‘Lord It’s You’, ‘God Be Merciful’, ‘Peace Be Still’ and ‘One Road’. Some copies exist with just the title Taste And See on the cover and label.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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Song #Song TitleTime
01Beautiful On The Mountain
02There’s A Place
03Lord It’s You
04God Be Merciful
05One Road
06Search Me Lord
07Peace Be Still
09Glory I
10Glory II
11Faith Is The Victory
12Glory III
13Taste And See