O Come Christian People  (Alba House  RAH 1019)  1976





Korean war veteran turned hooded musical monk of the Trappist Abbey Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe variety. Michell’s softly murmered high-pitched voice croons effectively over the fine collection of Spanish-flavored folk originals.  Joining the basic folk line-up are some electric guitar, mandolin,flute and autoharp.  The four Bob Mitchell Singing Boys look geeky but blend in practically unnoticed.  Moody minor key Catholic feel.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Father Tim Michell - O Come (Bck)



I have not located this album yet.


01. O Come Christian People
02. The Sanctifying Spirit
03. Lady of Guadalupe (My Little One)
04. How Shall I Pay Him
05. Go in Peace
06. Come to the Table of the Lord
07. Our Father
08. Adios, Our Lady
09. At the Lord’s Last Supper
10. Go in Peace and Joy