Threshold  (Eurosound  ES46.450)  1980  Holland *




Holland’s eight-person Eternal Rock show themselves capable of great things on the classy keyboard progressive rock obscurity.  At their best the female vocals and strong organ/synthesizer  foundation elicit comparisons to England’s Narnia.  Such is the case on tracks like ‘Life Can Be Hard’, ‘Blinded By Science’ and the Curved Air/Camel-ish instrumental ‘Guess Who’s Coming?’.   There are other fine selections, but alas the consistency suffers from several lesser ballads and average ccm covers like 2nd Chapter of Acts’ ‘Mansion Builder’, Barry Mcguire’s ‘Love Is’ and Bill Withers’  ‘Lean On Me’ (here rendered as ‘Learn On Him’).  Larry Norman’s ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’ fares a bit better with some respectable electric guitar.  Saxophone is worked into practically every cut, but don’t worry, it ain’t jazz.  Fantastic silver and black cover art featuring bald naked figures walking through abstract images of suspended stairways, a cross and a Bible opened to Isaiah 26:4 (from whence the group derives their name.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





This one was on the Electric Psalms blog.



01. Life Can Be Hard

02. Mansion Builder

03. I’ve Wish We’ve All Been Ready

04. Blinded By Science

05. Lean On Him

06. Love Is

07. You Can Change

08. The Way I Feel

09. Guess Who Coming

10. Show Me The Way