Eschatos (Rain RSR 2717-1)  1974



Influences of rock, progressive jazz, and white soul all come together splendidly on this California male foursome’s custom obscurity.  A rather unique style with the main instruments being electric guitar, organ, piano, bass and drums, plus brass on about half the tracks.  The production is clean and while I typically don’t go for horn arrangements they’re done perfectly here.  ‘Rubber Crutch Man’  opens the album some cool acid funk vibes and wah-wah guitar.  Creative time sigs and changes along with dissonant chords crop up on tracks like ‘Have You Seen’ and ‘Benjamin’ indicating these guys have some compositional training in they’re backgrounds.  Good electric guitar solos throughout (especially dug the echoey one on ‘Nemo Whojew)’.  ‘Lorelei Freedom’  uncorcks some fun rock and roll action that flashes back to Jerry Lee Lewis.  A couple mellow ballads in ‘White Cane Park’ and ‘Hallelujah’.  I’ve been stretchin’ my brains for comparisons – can’t think of none!  Eschatos is greek for end times (as in eschatology).      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rubber Crutch Man4:51
1-2Seekin' Truth3:24
1-3Hudson Riley2:03
1-4Have You Seen2:42
1-5White Cane Park3:02
2-1Lorelei Freedom2:31
2-2I Remember When4:00
2-4Nemo Whojew4:24