Friend Of Mine (Holy Kiss HK-03) 1977

A more fully arranged work that includes Mike Johnson on bass and electric guitar, along with the Matthews boys (Randy and Monty) on background vocals.  ‘As I Walk These Roads’, ‘Come On Back’ and the title cut all have a goodhearted mid-tempo rural stroll ala Bob Seager.  Also a decent Matthews/Johnson-type rocker in ‘Walk The Talk’.  Easy light jazz moods with sax on ‘What Do You Do’ and ‘Tick Tock’.  A number of ballads fill out the lp.  On the collectible Holy Kiss label.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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01. What Do You Do

02. Friend Of Mine

03. So Many Ways

04. Other’s

05. As I Walk These Roads

06. Walk The Walk

07. Tick Tock

08. Wonderful Words

09. Come On Back

10. Some Cloud