Before And After  (Aletheia  206410)  1972


Drake, Ed - Before & After


Ed Drake impresses me as the kind of artist that would fit right in with Danny Taylor and Mike Johnson.  Before & After is a nice homemade album of acoustic rock with lyrics that speak to his life before and after Jesus.  Several of the songs are done in a pure acoustic fashion, some with just guitar (‘I’ve Traveled That Road’), others add in bass (What An Answer’), flute (‘Since He Found Me’) or organ (the Dylan-esque ‘All I Need Is Jesus’).  No electric guitar from what I can tell, though songs like ‘Same Ol’ Song’ strum along with bass and percussion for a crisp rural folkrock beat.  The final song is the fourteen-minute ‘After’ which begins as a piano-led rock ballad in the ‘Hey Jude’ tradition, then shifting mid-way to spirited country folk.  Interesting b&w cover photo of Ed posed next to an open casket.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Ed has a web site here.

Sorry I have not found this album yet, however thank you Donald for the song list and rear cover picture.



Side 1
1. Before
2. Same Ol’ Song
3. Holding Back
4. I’ve Traveled That Road
5. What An Answer

Side 2
1. All I Need is Jesus
2. Since He Found Me
3. After