Llawenhewch Yn Yr Arglwydd / Trosom (Cernlun  GMOR 112) 1974 UK *



Cernlun appears to be a Welsh version of the Profile label – the logo is the same, as is the catalog numbering.  These two songs are lovely examples of the British folk style, very similar to Aslan or some of the groups on This Side Of The River.  Side one is an upbeat strummed tune with acoustic guitars, bass, piano and male/female vocals, while side two presents a delicate moody acoustic ballad.  Handsome pic sleeve: an illustration of an eye, the pupil showing Jesus on the cross.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


In looking for the photo of the cover/s I came across a history of the group Hergest.   I found this information on the web site found here where you can also find information on Hergest and how the groups  relationships within Hergest history.  Sorry that the front cover has a background but I couldn’t get my photo program to start, or I would have cropped it.  diakoneo





01. Llawenhewch Yn Yr Arglwydd

02. Trosom