Tell The World (Messenger  M 3012-LP)  1970?


Contenders, The - Tell The World


Nine college-age folksters who figured they could do an album, and so they did.  Proficient, even if they do sound just like other eight hundred groups that basically made this same album.  Five dudes, four girls, with zestful harmonies, two acoustic guitars,  an upright bass and a tambourine, doing the usual competent treatments of ‘Jordan River’, ‘Well, Well, Well’, ‘All My Life’, ‘Mighty Big Ways’, ‘You  Can Tell The World’, ‘He’s Everything’, etc.  From Lexington, Kentucky.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Contenders - Tell (Bck)



Sorry I have not found this one as yet, I found the song list here.



Side 1.

01. Jordan River (2:10)
02. Well, well, well (2:25)
03. Sing Alleluiah (2:55)
04. Mighty big ways (2:30)
05. You don’t knock (2:20)
06. All my life (2:35)
07. You can tell the world (1:30)
Side 2.

01. Swing down (1:30)
02. Is there something missing (3:00)
03. Come with me (3:10)
04. Wondering (3:40)
05. He’s everything (2:15)
06. Alleluiah (1:35)